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with links to 150+ outstanding articles & essays


Over the last few weeks we’ve been scouring the internet in search of all the best writing by our favourite authors. We’ve collected it all in new author pages — over 150 great reads so far:

David Foster Wallace - A non-fiction writer in a class of his own. All 20 of the DFW essays that we found online are listed here.

Joan Didion - When it comes to memoir, few can compete with J-Diddy’s atmospheric brilliance. 15 of her best essays are here.

Hunter S. Thompson - Electric prose and plenty of bad craziness. Read 20 of Dr. Gonzo’s classic articles here.

Tom Wolfe - A founding father of the New Journalism. Read our selection of 15 pioneering articles here.

Malcolm Gladwell - The New Yorker’s resident mind-reader. We’ve compiled a list of our 20 favourite Gladwell articles are here.

Susan Orlean - A writer with a rare eye for off-beat subjects and human detail. 20 of our favourite pieces are collected here.

David Sedaris - A great memoirist with a sense for the sublime. Discover 20 of his best essays here.

John Jeremiah Sullivan - JJS has a talent for building compelling narratives from the strangest stories. 12 great examples are here.

Zadie Smith - A novelist whose essays overflow with energy and insight. The 6 finest are listed here.

Walter Kirn - Dry humour and razor sharp wit combine to make Kirn’s brand of cultural critque stand out. Find 7 great reads here.

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