the girl with freckles

Weird things that you like

These are three weird things that I like and how these weird things have shaped my perspective on life.

1. Cartoons. It’s not exactly weird, but for my age it’s pretty uncommon. I think that cartoons are an incredibly underrated form of entertainment. A lot of my favorite movies are cartoons and I watch too much Spongebob for my own good.The reason this could be weird is because most people who are 19 years old probably think that cartoons are juvenile and just for kids. Here I am halfway through college, and cartoons still make me laugh. Just because I’m older doesn’t mean I have to be serious all the time.

2. The smell of raw seafood. This is definitely weird, but it reminds me of my dad. Growing up with a father who is a fisherman and a mom who worked in Boston for years meant that I couldn’t be left at home by myself. So I spent a lot of time on fishing vessels, docks, and walking around in warehouses while my dad did business with seafood distributors. The smell of raw seafood doesn’t phase me at all anymore and it reminds me of how hardworking my dad is. It’s weird and oddly comforting.

3. Spiders. They’re beautiful. I was one of those outdoorsy adventurous children. When I was eight years old, an animal with eight legs that makes webs was absolutely cool. Yep, spiders are weird. In 3rd grade I read Charlotte’s Web which I think changed my outlook on spiders and life in general. Charlotte the Spider was scary at first, but once Wilbur the Pig opened up to Charlotte, he saw how truly wonderful she was. Spiders are weird but I’m pretty sure that they taught me how to look past weird things and find the good things.

I’m weird.

Five Items You Lust After

This list is always changing, but lately these are my top five.

1. A cream colored bag from Dooney and Bourke
2. A fisheye lens for my Pentax-Kx
3. A winter jacket from J. Crew
4. The Adobe Creative Suite software
5. Ice cream. Any flavor.

Right now as I cozy up on my living room couch, I’m also lusting for a big bowl of popcorn.